Car Care Tips for Winter

Car Care Tips for Winter

To Prevent Unfortunate Situations, Perform a Few Car Care Tips for Winter.

Winter has nearly arrived, and the time has come to prepare your vehicle for the season. Along with summer, winter provides an especially punishing time of the year for a car. Couple this with travel for the holidays, and the unprepared vehicle may not equal the task. To prepare yourself for the season, follow these car care tips for winter.

Check Your Lighting

Since night arrives sooner in the winter, you need to make sure your lights function optimally. Check each of your lights to ensure functionality. If one appears dim, go ahead and install a replacement. Also remember to always remove snow and ice from your the front of your lights before you hit the road.

Volt Test

Batteries tend to fail in the winter. To ensure that yours will carry you through the season, have a professional mechanic perform a voltage test. Batteries do not operate as well in cold weather. In fact, a battery that weakened over the summer could outright fail come winter. If you have any concerns about the age or serviceability of your battery, replace it sooner rather than later.

Winter Tires

If you live in an area that receives snow and ice, then you need to have winter tires installed on your vehicle. These will better manage road conditions, and prevent the likelihood of accidents. Also, keep in mind that your tires went through a lot of wear in the summer. Check your treads and sidewalls for excessive wear or damage.

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