How Can You Tell If Your Suspension Is Damaged?


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The suspensions in every single vehicle are very important. If your suspension is not working correctly, you need to take it to a mechanic right away because it is unsafe to be on the road. Suspension is not just one specific part, it makes up a whole section of your vehicle that is in charge of many different things. If you have bad suspension and you are wondering, can I drive my car with bad suspension? The answer is yes, technically you can, but you shouldn’t because it is not safe. Not only is it unsafe, but it can actually do more harm to your vehicle the more you drive it without it being repaired. We recommend that when you go in to have your oil changed, that you ask your mechanic to let you know if they see any signs of suspension problems and they will be able to tell you if there is anything to worry about. Knowing the signs is the best way to avoid this and overall if you feel like your car isn’t working at its very best, that you take it in right away.

How suspension Works In a Car

The suspension is made up on things like tires, springs, shocks, and shock absorbers. This is what is in charge of how your vehicle moves and how it handles driving on the road. Many people ask, can your car suspension be repaired? The answer is yes, it can be repaired by a mechanic that knows how to work on suspension. We recommend that you find a shop that specializes in the types of car that you have, that way you know they are experienced and that they won’t be sending you off in a vehicle that still has problems when they are done with it. Your car suspension and steering system are extremely important parts that should always be taken care of and paid attention to. When your vehicle has issues with the suspension, the rest of your vehicle can also be affected.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Suspension?

This varies from car to car and depends on how severe the problem actually is and if parts are needed to be ordered to make it work correctly. One single set of shots could take up to 3 hours, so if your suspension is shot, you may be out of a vehicle for a few days.

How Long Does a Car’s Suspension Last?

This will vary as well and depend on several factors. If you take care of your car and have it serviced regularly, it may last longer, but if you drive your car very hard, it may not last long at all. All of these will vary person to person.

Signs Of Suspension Problems

Part Of Car

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No vehicle problems are good to have, but suspension issues are one of the problems that you absolutely can not ignore. It is important that if you notice any of the signs we mention below, that you take it into a mechanic or give us a call at 949-583-0811 right away so that we can see what is going on. If you have problems with your suspension in Mission Viejo, CA, call Japanese Car Specialties and we can get it taken care of for you.

Very Bumpy Drive – When you drive on the road, have you been feeling every single bump that you come across? Unless you are driving over speed bumps the entire drive, there is no reason that you should feel every bump in the road. This is a sign that your shocks or struts could be needing a replacement. They may be worn down and showing you signs that it is time to get something new. You can do a few things to see if this is the issue, like when you have your car parked, lean on the front end and then let go. Does your car bounce around a little bit for a few seconds? If it happens more than 3 times, make sure that you get it checked out and probably changed out.

Pulling Steering Wheel – When you are driving and you let go of the steering wheel (we don’t recommend doing this) does your car pull to one side pretty strongly? This may mean that your alignment is off. It can be hard to tell by yourself, without taking it into a mechanic shop, because there are other factors that could make your vehicle pull to one side. For example, if you are driving on a road that is uneven, it will pull to one side stronger than the other. A mechanic will be able to look at this and tell you what is going on. This is part of your car suspension and will need to be taken care of or you can end up wearing your tires down more on one side than the other and uneven tire pressure. Different brands of cars will do different things in this situation, for example, Nissan alignment, will pull and needs to be corrected quickly in order to not damage anything under the car. If you are wondering what can damage car suspension, this is one of the major ways.

Hard Time Steering – If you are having a hard time steering and even harder time when you are driving slowly, your suspension might be trying to tell you something. We call this “slipping” and it is when your steering wheel will try to pull back in a different direction and give you a hard time when turning. This could be because your power steering isn’t working correctly or even you may have a faulty power steering pump.

Not Sitting Even – If your vehicle isn’t sitting evenly on the ground, it is probably because there is some kind of damage that is happening to the springs. This could result in loud clunking noises and will not allow your car to work its very best in a situation where the road conditions are not at their greatest.