Is buying a hybrid car a good idea?

Hybrid speedometer

How does a hybrid car works?

Hybrid cars were designed to be more fuel efficient to the everyday consumer who are used to driving the traditional vehicle. While the traditional vehicle can be a gas guzzler and emit pollutants into the atmosphere, these newer cars are equipped with not only an electric motor but are also equipped with the traditional engine that help eliminate a great amount of pollution and can save you more money in the long run with less amount of fuel the hybrid cars consume. Both of these assets combined provide a safer environment with less pollution. If you are looking to into owning your own Hybrid cars, note that while it is a more expensive purchase it will save money in the fuel economy. Call 949-583-0811  in regards to Mission Viejo, CA.

What are the pros and cons of a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars are more fuel efficient than your regular cars, therefore are more environment friendly. It has been shown on average that you can use 30-60% less on gas while driving a hybrid car compared to a conventional vehicle. The car repair costs is a major concern for any car owner. Repairs for a hybrid car are pretty much equal to the car repair costs of a regular vehicle and could even in some cases costs less due to regular wear and tear. The cons to buying a hybrid car compared to a regular vehicle is that while the hybrid vehicles are more fuel efficient, the vehicle itself can cost more. Hybrid car batteries also cost more than the average vehicle and can revert to using the traditional engine as a backup once the battery charge is needed that can take up to eight hours to be fully charged.

How long do the batteries last in a hybrid car?

While driving a hybrid car, you have to consider the biggest factor, the battery. The life of a battery for hybrid cars can last up to a lifetime of 10 years depending on the make of the vehicle and normal wear and tear. It is worth noting that you can drive a couple of miles without a charged battery however this does not apply to a Prius. Keep in mind that a battery replacement can be free of charge under warranty but without as of recently can be upwards to $6,000 USD and that does not include labor costs.

Do hybrids last longer?

Hybrid cars can last on average as long as regular vehicles with normal wear and tear. Due to their great warranty plans, which is up to eight years with a Toyota Prius, it is normal for a hybrid car to still be on the road. The oldest hybrid vehicle to date is approximately 20 years old. Regular maintenance can lower car repair costs in the long run.

Do hybrid cars save money?

Hybrid cars save money for fuel and normal maintenance. However if not properly maintained and under warranty, the battery replacement can cost up to $6000 USD. Also hybrid cars can be more costly for insurance due to the type of vehicle and cost more to purchase than a conventional vehicle.  

Hybrid cars issues

Besides expensive battery replacement, hybrid cars experience around the same amount of normal  car repair costs as a gasoline powered vehicle if not lesser than. Hybrid car batteries need to be constantly charged as some vehicles will not let you drive more than a few miles if any like the Prius who senses when a battery is low.

Hybrid cars require for a charged battery that can take up to eight hours to fully charge to be functionable or they revert back to being gasoline powered.  Gas powered vehicles emit more pollution into the atmosphere, causing more damage to the ozone layer and the wellness of the environment including people. Hybrid cars run on fuel that’s more cleaner and environment friendly.

Being environmental friendly is an advantage of hybrid cars. Hybrid cars save energy more than they consume and have cleaner emissions into the atmosphere. Hybrid cars and its environmental impact, are eco-friendly for consumers who want to go green and save on energy consumed through the life of the vehicle.

You can determine if you want to own a hybrid car or not by looking at the different aspects of the hybrid car.

Below are advantages and disadvantages to owning a hybrid car.

Advantages to owning a hybrid vehicle:

  • Hybrid cars are more fuel efficient (saves money on gas)
  • They are environment friendly when you decide to go green
  • They have the same car repair costs as regular vehicles if not significantly lower
  • Hybrid cars are covered under lengthy warranties

Disadvantages to owning a hybrid vehicle:

  • Hybrid cars are expensive as well as insurance
  • Hybrid cars battery need to constantly be charged
  • They go back to using their secondary gasoline engine if battery is not charged
  • They can only run up to two miles without a charged battery

Based on both the pros and cons to owning a hybrid vehicle, you can come to a conclusion on whether you would like to invest on owning a hybrid vehicle. For further questions about Mission Viejo, CA, you can call 949-583-0811.