Is it worth buying a hybrid car?

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With the concerns of pollution and using up our natural resources, the hybrid car has come to exist folks. What exactly is a hybrid car and how does a hybrid car work? A hybrid car is powered by both an electric motor and a gasoline engine.  The electric motor will power the car sometimes and other times it is the gas engine that powers the car. Then, there are times they are working together.

As you can imagine, you can’t take your hybrid car to just any mechanic. There is training to be certified to do hybrid car repairs, a little knowledge of both electric motors and gasoline engines is necessary. So, are hybrid cars more expensive to repair then?  Is the cost of hybrid car repairs enough to offset what you’re saving at the gas pump? 

Well, let’s answer that by discussing the battery pack replacement of a hybrid car. If you’ve bought a battery recently for a combustionable engine powered car, you probably paid around $100 or more. And it was likely an unexpected expense, typical of car batteries to go out unexpectedly. The electric motor of a hybrid operates on battery packs – yes – more than one. They last around 8,000 miles and can cost you up to $8,000 to replace them. 

With other hybrid car repairs, let’s consider the team that is meant to work together powering and moving a hybrid car: 

  • The combustion engine
  • The electric drive motor
  • The transmission

All three of these components need to work together to provide a hybrid car power. When one of them fails, the other two quit. It is critical to have a trained and certified technician run the diagnostics to correctly make hybrid car repairs. As you can probably guess, that training and certification costs, and they are going to need to recoup that expense. 

So, we’ve had talked about some downsides to hybrid car repairs and ownership.  But like anything, there are both hybrid car pros and cons, so we offer you these offsetting pros of a hybrid car:

  • Minor maintenance can be a DIY job because it has the combustion engine. Those minor maintenance things are basic like fluid checks, air filter and fuel filter replacement, and changing the spark plugs.
  • A money saver when it comes to gasoline purchase with many of the hybrid cars that have an auto-shutoff for the combustionable engine and runs on the electric power. When it shuts the engine off and goes all electric at signal lights, it eases the strain on the engine. 
  • Brake system last longer with the regenerative braking system that most hybrid cars have. This new brake system reduces the wear and tear on the brake system and recharges those expensive battery packs. .

What is the maintenance cost of a hybrid car?

A hybrid car’s  basic maintenance on the internal combustion engine is close to the same on a regular car like oil changes. However, the big upside to hybrid car maintenance: It will go 80,000 miles before it needs a real service.  That is up to 5 years unless unexpected hybrid car repairs are needed. 

Then the cooling system is another factor to consider in hybrid car maintenance due to the technical aspect. First of all, you’ll pay for the technician’s training because not just any mechanic can do hybrid car repairs or maintenance. Thankfully though, the cooling system is good for 100,000 miles before a replacement is needed. 

What happens when a hybrid car runs out of battery?

Well, if it is the larger of the 2 battery packs, you’re walking. The smaller battery operates the car’s electronics and won’t affect you’re driving the car. However, the larger battery pack in a hybrid car is a must have for the car to operate, with the exception of 2 models: The Ford Fusion and the Toyota Camry Hybrid.

What is the difference between a hybrid and an electric car?

They both use electricity, right?  The basic difference is an electric car runs only on electricity it gets from a battery that has stored energy. A hybrid car runs on both electricity from a battery pack and a combustion engine using conventional fuel.

What is the cheapest hybrid car available?

Checking 2021 pricing for traditional hybrids, your 4 cheapest are as follows: 

  • Ford Maverick Starting Price: Start Price $19,995
  • Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid Starting Price: $23,400
  • Hyundai Elantra Hybrid  Starting Price: $23,550
  • Toyota Corolla Hybrid Starting Price: $23,650

Is it better to buy a hybrid or electric car?

If your main goal is for gas saving and fuel efficiency, both hybrid and electric cars are going to save you money.  Additionally and maybe even more important, both will get you federal income tax rebate and depending on where you live, state tax credit too. What about carpool credit? If your state offers tax credit for carpooling, both will get you the same tax credit. 

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Is now a good time to buy a hybrid car?

Well, it isn’t a bad time!  Experts are telling us that over 20 fully electric  cars will be going on sale between now and the end of the year.  So, maybe start shopping if you haven’t already, but you should also keep in mind the shortage of computer chips in 2021 may factor into what is available. Need hybrid car service in Mission Viejo, CA? Call 949-583-0811 today.