3 Common Tire Problems

Your tires are what connects your vehicle to the road, so keeping them in top shape is critical. Regular inspections and tire pressure checks will help your tires last and keep you safe. When checking your tires for damage and wear, watch for these common tire problems.

Uneven Wear

common tire problemsWhen checking the tread on your tires, look for signs of uneven wear. This may be single-side wear or center wear, or you may see dented hills and valleys in your tires. Each of these common tire problems actually indicates a larger problem with your vehicle. For example, center wear most likely indicates that your tires are overinflated, causing the middle to wear faster than the sides.

Tire Damage

Your tire’s can tell you a lot about your car, similar to a human footprint. However, we don’t need detectives and forensics teams to identify a problem with your vehicle! Tire damage may present itself in cuts, cracks, bulges, cupping, flat spots, and more. Some of these problems are due to hitting a curb or going through a pothole, while other may be a sign of another issue. Our expert auto technicians will quickly identify any problems with your vehicle. It’s important to repair problems with your suspension system, alignment, and more to preserve the life of your tires.

Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure is one of the most dangerous problems you can have. When your tires are underinflated, they can quickly overheat and cause a blowout. Prevent any dangerous problems and check your tire pressure once a month. Be sure to do this when your tires are cold (before you drive your vehicle) or the reading will not come out correctly. Your tire pressure will fluctuate if you have a small hole or when the weather changes significantly.

If you suspect a problem with your tires—or need tire rotation—call Japanese Car Specialties! Our skilled auto technicians will carefully check your car for problems and other common tire problems. When you need Japanese car repair in Mission Viejo, CA, call 949-583-0811!