Suspend Your Disbelief: When Is It Time For Suspension Service?

Here is the story: You’re driving down the road to complete your errand or see your family. Suddenly, briefly, you feel your car shiver or shake. Its so subtle, you may believe it was just that you wiggled the steering wheel without thinking. However, here is the reality: That slight shiver or shake was more likely your suspension telling you it is time for service.

Suspension Wear Signs

Photo of suspensionThis system is composed of many different parts and pieces, so you may be wondering if there are any universal signs that indicate it is time for service. There are many signs that mean you should get your car to the shop.  The most common of these is the “bounce” test, where you try and bounce your vehicle. If it continuously bounces after you place and release weight on it, it desperately needs service.

You may have also noticed your ride becoming rougher, a slight swaying of your car, or even a drift towards the left or right while driving. That means your suspension is losing its stability. This will be accompanied by uneven wear on your tires. Damage to the suspension can effect your whole vehicle, from causing body damage due to rolling, to damaging your tires by causing uneven wear and tear. Remember that it is in your best interest for your safety and the safety of your vehicle to get your vehicle to the shop when you have a suspension issue.

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