An app that fights parking tickets?

If you live or work in a large city, then you’ve most likely have a received a parking ticket or three. But you no longer have to remain defenseless against the meter maid. Fixed, a new app for your smart phone, can help you fight your parking tickets.

Fixed is simple to use. First, you use the camera on your phone to snap a picture of the parking ticket. If there is any additional evidence, document that as well. After uploading the photos, you’ll be prompted to enter in the violation code. Fixed will then tell you the probability of your ticket being dismissed. A contest letter on your behalf will even be sent to the court!

Fixed will then show a list of frequent errors and contest reasons to select should you decide to contest the parking citation. After selecting the appropriate contest reason for the ticket type you received, you will be asked do provide additional evidence such as a photo of faded curb paint or a missing sign.

You only have to pay Fixed if your parking ticket is dismissed. If the contest is unsuccessful, you do not owe Fixed anything. If you win, you pay Fixed 25% of your parking fine. So if your parking fine was $100, you would pay Fixed $25. Seems like a win-win situation!