When Should You Have Your Car’s A/C Serviced?

When Should You Have Your Car's A/C Serviced?

When Should You Have Your Car’s A/C Serviced? Watch Out For These Signs.

Our car’s A/C is a crucial component, especially in the hot summer months. Like all car components, they will need to be serviced once in awhile, and that goes for you A/C, also. But when should you have your car’s A/C serviced? Below are signs your car’s A/C needs to be serviced.

No A/C

This is the most obvious sign when you should have your car’s A/C serviced. If you try to turn on your air conditioner and nothing happens, the cooling fans could be damaged or you could be low on refrigerant. Either way, your car needs to be serviced.

Isn’t Cold

The A/C is turned on and working, but it isn’t producing enough cold air. When this happens it’s usually due to a low refrigerant, but whatever the reason, taking it to a professional mechanic can remedy the situation.

Unusual Sounds

You never expect to turn on your car’s air conditioner to hear very weird and unusual sounds, but it does happen. Typically, you’ll hear banging or rattling, which can be very unsettling. These sounds happen because of debris that’s clogged the A/C or something else has been damaged.

Bad Smells

Usually, we have bad smells in our car due to accidentally leaving food in the car or smelly sneakers, not because of our A/C unit. Unfortunately, it does happen and it can occur because of mold growing on the A/C unit. At the first sign of a bad smell, get your car to a mechanic ASAP.

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