Auto Air Conditioner Repair

Most people think of a car’s air conditioner as a mere convenience — a necessary convenience, Mission Viejo, CA air conditioner repairbut nothing you can’t drive without. This is actually untrue. Air conditioner problems can damage other inner workings of your vehicle, like the timing belt, which helps run your engine. If you need auto air conditioner repair in Mission Viejo, CA, call our auto shop at (949) 583-0811! We specialize in Japanese-manufactured vehicles like Toyota as well as other imports like Hyundai. Let us keep you cool with our A/C repairs!

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Blowing Warm Air

If your car’s air conditioning system blows air but it’s the same temperature as the outdoors, you’ve likely got a blocked or broken condenser. Other malfunctions could be in the cooling fans. Your car could also have low refrigerant, also known as Freon.

Not Cold Enough

If the A/C doesn’t get as cold as it used to, check your car’s air filter. It may be clogged and need to be changed. Another cause could be a clog in the air conditioning condenser. Also check the refrigerant levels in this scenario, since this could also be a sign of low Freon.

No Air Blowing

This signals a leak in the hoses that carry the air from your air conditioner to your vents. Air leaks are the most common problem in car A/C systems. You can check them and their seals for visible leaks, or you can bring your car in to a mechanic, like those at Japanese Car Specialties.

Let us perform your auto air conditioner repair in Mission Viejo, CA! We can get you back to comfortable temperatures quickly. Give our licensed mechanics a call at (949) 583-0811 today!