Blown Head Gasket in Mission Viejo

The head gasket is inarguably the most important gasket in your car. It serves as a seal between the engine block and head and prevents fluids from leaking or mixing together within the engine. Any leaking fluid in or around your engine can be extremely damaging to your car, so you’re always going to want to be aware of whether or not your head gasket is functioning as it should.

The best way to avoid a blown head gasket is to not drive you car when it’s over heating. As soon as you notice an overheating problem, bring your car in immediately. A car that’s running hot it going to have problems, and can cause even bigger headaches if ignored.

A head gasket that’s in good shape will keep the fluids in your engine (stuff like motor oil and coolant) from mixing together and becoming contaminated, so it’s not something you want to start leaking. If you suspect you have a leak, come by our shop for a head gasket replacement in Mission Viejo.