When Is It Time To Have Your Car’s Tires Rotated?

Having your car’s tires rotated is a very simple maintenance procedure, but one that isn’t done very often. It’s important to get tire rotation because it makes your tires last longer, improves gas mileage, and makes driving your car more comfortable. So when is it time to have your car’s tires rotated? Here are a few signs to look out for.

When Is It Time To Have Your Car's Tires Rotated?

Don’t Wait Until Your Tires Are Worn For You Car’s Tires to Be Rotated.

Uneven Wear On Tires

The more that you drive on the tires, the more wear you have. It’s important to rotate the tires so that the tires can wear more evenly. The tires in the front of your car will get more wear because that is where you brake, turn, and where the engine is located. If the tires are left in the same spot for years, There will be more wear in the front than in the back, causing the vehicle to shake or sway.

Noise and Vibration

Another common way to know that you need your tires rotated is when your vehicle starts to make noises or vibrations. Usually, you will feel it most in the steering wheel, but it isn’t uncommon to feel it all over in your car. The vibrations are due to the tires being worn unevenly.


Does one of your tires have less air than the other? While one tire is losing air, the others are wearing unevenly and subjected to more pressure. You don’t want any of your tires to be low on air or take the brunt of the work.

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