5 Telltale Signs Your Car Needs An Oil Change Immediately

5 Telltale Signs Your Car Needs An Oil Change Immediately

Not Sure When You Need An Oil Change? Watch Out For These Signs.

In order to keep our cars running as smoothly as possible, it’s important to keep oil levels at the right amount. Our car oil ensures that our engines run without any issues. Without lubrication from the oil, our cars run less effectively. To guarantee your car is always in good condition, here are 4 telltale signs that your car needs an oil change immediately.

The Check Engine Light

On your car’s dashboard, sometimes a light will pop up that looks like an oil can. That is to warn you that your car needs an oil change. Ignoring the light will only hurt your engine.

Loud Engine

Strange noises coming from your engine is never a good sign. If you hear grinding or clanking coming from your engine, it might be past getting your oil change. This can be an indication of a bigger engine problem but probably started because of infrequent oil changes.

 Smoke Coming From Tailpipe

It’s perfectly normal for vapor to come out of your tailpipe, but when you see smoke, that can mean there is an oil leak in your engine.

Dropping Oil Levels

If you happen to be someone who checks your oil and you see that it reached the minimum gauge on the dipstick, then that could mean that there is an oil leak.

Oil Smell

You shouldn’t be able to smell any oil when you are driving your car. However, if you smell a strange odor in your car, take it to a mechanic immediately.

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