What To Do Before Your Roadtrip

road trip, driver's hands on a steering wheel of a retro car during riding on an empty asphalt road

It’s the summer time and the perfect time to get in the car and hit the road, right? But it’s no fun when that road trip is cut short due to a car issue. It’s always a good idea to have a few things checked before heading out.

Check all fluids – Your fluids are basically the bloodline of your vehicle. This means to make sure that all of your fluids are topped off and changed if necessary, including coolant, oil, washer fluid, etc.

Check the tires – The tires are the most common cause of trouble on a road trip. You getting a flat and having to call roadside assistance can all be avoided if you do a simple check before you leave. make sure that you get the pressure checked, double check for any other issues, such as baldness or punctures, and always have a spare and a jack.

Check your brakes – Your brakes are the last thing that you want to have a problem with while on the road. Make sure that you have enough brake fluid and there are no scraping or squeaking sounds, that could be a sign that you need new ones.

Get your vehicle a check up – The same way that you need to go to the doctor for a check up, your car needs it as well, but with a mechanic of course! This helps to point out anything that needs to be addressed and could help avoid major problems in the future.

Once all of this is in good standing then you’re all set to go. So before you head out on that wide open road, stop by Japanese Car Specialties for your vehicle inspection today. Stop in or call at 949-583-0811 to schedule your appointment.