Common Problems with Japanese Cars

Japanese cars are renowned for their reliability, and many owners of Japanese automobiles report being able to drive 200,000 or even 300,000 miles before any major repairs are needed. This is a testament to Japanese manufacturing and engineering, and is evidence that Japanese automobiles are among the most reliable on the road. Despite this, Japanese automobiles are still machines, and like all machines, they are prone to mechanical failure due to a number of different factors.

Common problems with Japanese cars include:

car-1209697_960_720Rust – Like all cars, Japanese auto bodies are prone to rust if not regularly maintained. Rust can cause cosmetic problems or can damage structural or mechanical components which can hinder the vehicle’s functionality.

Faded/Chipped/Cracked Paint – While Japanese automobiles are cut from a different cloth, the paint used on these automobiles is like all paint: subject to weather and damage. With age and time, as the paint is exposed to various elements, the color may fade and the paint itself may peel or chip.

Body Damage – Any car, especially used vehicles, are prone to scuffs, dents, or other unseen damage which can cause problems down the road. Be sure to visually inspect any used vehicle to ensure no hidden damages are present.

Suspension – Suspension systems will require maintenance, replacement, and ultimately repair as moving parts are exposed to forces throughout their working life.

Brakes – Brake systems will ultimately wear out as they transfer kinetic energy into heat to bring your vehicle to a complete stop. Replacing brake pads or shoes as they wear out will prevent damage to your rotors, which may need to be replaced.

These are just some of the more common problems that Japanese car owners may see with time and regular use, but is by no means a comprehensive list of potential problems. Japanese automobiles are reliable, but they are still machines, and these machines require maintenance and professional service from time to time. If you need auto repairs or maintenance on your Japanese vehicle, call Japanese Car Specialties! (949) 583-0811