When Will I Need Suspension Service?

SuspensionCars are wonderful, but complex machinery. As a car owner, you probably take care of all of the vital issues such as oil changes, coolant refills, tire pressure and more. However, many people tend not to think about their vehicle’s suspension. Your suspension plays a vital role in making your car drivable as it absorbs shocks, jolts and other issues with the road while keeping your car stable and you protected. Without it, driving would be a terrible and dangerous experience. While these systems do not require as much maintenance as other parts of your engine, they can wear out over time, becoming damaged from all of the shocks it takes to keep you secure. How can you tell if your suspension is in need of repair?

Signs Your Suspension Needs Help

  • Your Car Is Drifting – This will happen while you are turning your car. If you notice that your car wants to pull into a turn, the shocks are wearing down.
  • Driving Is Rough – If you are feeling every little imperfection with the road, this means your suspension is no longer doing its job. Your ride should be comfortable.
  • Stopping Rocks Your Car – Poor suspension can show when you stop your vehicle, as the body of your car may rock forward or try to dip the nose at a complete stop.
  • Your Tires Aren’t Wearing Evenly – While tire wear can be made even by tire rotation, it may be a sign that your tires are receiving uneven pressure while driving.

One way many people test their suspension to make sure it is good is called the bounce test. While your car is in park, bounce your car by pressing your weight into it a couple of times. Let go and observe what your car does. If it continues to bounce more than a couple of times, your suspension needs service. Japanese Car Specialties is your source for quality repair service for your car. Give us a call today at (949) 583-0811 for repair service in Mission Viejo, CA.