6 Indications Your Spark Plugs Need Changing

Spark plugs are what ignite the air and fuel inside an engine’s cylinders. This allows your car to start and keep moving down the road. Most people don’t know that much about them. Here are 6 indications that they should probably be replaced:


Your car shakes when parked:

Your engine is supposed to run at about 1000 rpm during an idle. When the spark plugs malfunction, this goes up significantly. If this happens to you, take your car in immediately; it can cause costly problems.

Your car won’t start:

Malfunctioning spark plugs are one among a few reasons for this. They are necessary but not sufficient for getting your engine to start; without them it just won’t happen. When your spark plugs aren’t working correctly they can drain your battery, another reason your car might not be starting.

Your engine misfires:

If your engine stops and starts over and over, it is misfiring. The cause of this is a malfunctioning cylinder, probably due to the spark plug. This can make emissions shoot up drastically.

Your engine surges:

A surge is when your vehicle slows down, starts and stops, or jerks out of nowhere. Excess air created from the combustion process is what causes this. It is unsafe to drive if your engine is surging; it can potentially cause a wreck.

Your car uses more gas:

Fuel efficiency can decrease by up to 30% if your spark plugs aren’t working properly. If you notice that your car is using more gas, take it in as soon as possible to avoid throwing money away.

Slow or delayed acceleration:

Faulty spark plugs can cause both of these problems; while they may not seem urgent, your car should be taken in immediately if you notice them.

All of these signs are a good indication that you should bring your car in to be checked. If you suspect something is wrong, don’t wait; stay ahead of repairs.

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