California to Build Hydrogen Fuel Stations

California businesses and entrepreneurs are starting to look at building hydrogen fuel stations in the state. Toyota and a slew of other auto-makers are preparing to launch hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles in California. With the coming launch of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, California entrepreneurs are looking to establish a system of hydrogen fuel stations for consumers, in what could be an emerging auto market.

FirstElement Fuel Inc. has secured a state grant to build 19 hydrogen fuel station across California. The station installations are part of the state’s effort to have close to 70 hydrogen fuel stations available in the state, once the hydrogen fuel-celled vehicles hit the market next year.

FirstElement wants to have over 40 stations running in the next few years. The company will have their first wave of stations installed on or near traditional gas station properties. They will maintain and supply all the station they will build. The company hopes to eventually have stations and dispensers installed at malls and other retail areas.

The three hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles announced so far for 2015 are the Toyota FCV, Honda FCX Clarity and a hydrogen fuel-cell version of the Hyundai Tuscon.

Here’s a video explaining how the Toyota FCV works and operates: