Don’t Let Transmission Damage Compound

transmission-150x112Most people don’t know the intricacies about how all of the myriad parts in their car function together. However, a basic understanding of some of the most important parts can prove beneficial in certain circumstances. If you understand the importance of your transmission, for instance, you’ll understand why a mechanic might tell you “Don’t let transmission damage compound”.

What does your transmission do, exactly?

As a quick overview, it suffices to say that your transmission controls how much power your engine puts into your car. Manual transmissions get changed by the driver, but automatic transmissions shift gears based on the speed of the car.

You shouldn’t let transmission damages compound for one simple reason: they cost a lot of cash to repair or replace. If you notice something wrong with your transmission, like gear slipping, take your car in immediately so that any damage can get taken care of.

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