Watching Your Gas Mileage

404HOV_lane-150x150With gas prices in an unpredictable flux, many drivers are going to great lengths to help their cars run more efficiently. While it is nearly impossible to get better mileage than your car is made for, there are many ways to help your car maintain its ideal mileage long term. Here we have compiled several methods to keep your mileage up and your car running smoothly.

Safe Driving and Regular Maintenance

  1. Avoid using roof racks or sky boxes. Attachments on your roof affect your car’s aerodynamics and create drag, which slows your car down and decreases gas mileage.
  2. Drive more calmly. Weaving through traffic and passing the cars in front of you burns extra fuel from rapid acceleration and excessive braking. Calm driving is safe for you and those around you and helpful in maintaining good gas mileage.
  3. Adhere to the posted speed limit. Many cars reach optimum efficiency around 45 to 60 mph. Driving the posted speed is important for safety as well as fuel efficiency.
  4. Keep your tires properly inflated. Checking them once a month will help you stay on top of inflating them, and will reduce wear on your tires and improve your mileage.

There is no replacement for regular tune ups and maintenance to keep your car running smoothly and your gas mileage in check. For expert automobile service and repairs, call us today at 949-583-0811!