Engine Overhaul Services Made Simple

Why YOU should consider Engine Overhaul Service – Ideally you are able to bring your vehicle in before it begins to show signs of catastrophic failure, but it is a fairly regular occurrence that getting the service performed AFTER your engine fails can be a cost-effective and reliable alternative to paying for a new replacement engine!

As your vehicle gets older, it may begin to show tell-tale signs of engine failure such as:

  • Audible engine knocking
  • Increased rate of oil replenishment between scheduled maintenance
  • Obvious white smoke in the exhaust
  • Metal shavings in your used engine oil

Engine Overhaul Service describes a service whereby an engine is removed, dismantled, cleaned, completely put back together, and re-installed in your vehicle.  If faulty parts are discovered, they are additionally replaced.

At Japanese Car Specialties, we have the knowledge and experience to work on all of the top imports.  If your car is showing any of these trouble signs, call us now at 1-949-583-0811

Which would you rather do – Remove, repair, and replace your engine in the garage or pick up the phone and call from your home?