Tire Rotation: Helping Tires Last Longer

tire-114259__180-150x113All vehicles need regular maintenance to keep functioning properly. Routine oil changes and tune ups are key, and maintaining your tires is equally as important. Here we walk through the safety and mechanical benefits of tire rotation.

Your car’s front and rear axles perform different duties as you drive. If your car is front wheel drive, your front wheels are responsible for both accelerating and steering your car, so these wheels unsurprisingly wear down at a faster rate. Rear wheel drive and all wheel drive cars wear tires unevenly as well, although which tires wear out faster may be different. Tires that are more worn out in one area may not respond properly when you brake, turn, or drive on wet roads, so having tires with an even (and safe) amount of tread is crucial.

Rotating your tires to alternate spots on your car allows all your tires to wear at a more even rate. This also preserves the life of your tires by not wearing them down so quickly. Tires are often rotated from front to back, but certain manufacturers recommend rotating tires in a specific pattern.

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