Sleep Deprivation: Why To Avoid It While Driving

wreck-150x150As a kid, your parents likely instilled in you the dangers of drunk driving. In their time, people didn’t know about its risks like they do today. However, our society has found other ways people increase their risk on the road, including driving sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation actually has a comparable risk to drunk driving; we’ll go over here why to avoid it.

Knowing The Facts:

Maintaining a constant state of awareness keeps you safe on the road. It only takes a second for something to go seriously wrong. When you get tired, you lose this ability to retain your focus similarly to the way you do when drunk.

  • Reports for actual statistics on sleep deprived driving give little information due to the fact that you can’t test for it like you can with drunk driving.
  • The National Sleep Foundation has reported that 1/3 of the drivers surveyed admitted to having fallen asleep while driving.
  • The same group also indicated that young men and women, parents, and night shift workers ran the highest risk of sleep deprivation.

Don’t take any chances with your life; get some sleep before driving. If you need to ensure your car runs safely, take it by our shop in Mission Viejo for an inspection. If you want to know more about our services, speak with one of our friendly team members at (949) 583-0811.