Your Alternator: How It Works

We all could put in a little effort to learn the basics of the tools we use every day, including our vehicles. While we may rather just leave it up to the mechanics, knowing about our cars can come in handy. To help you, we’ve made a basic overview of how your alternator works.

What it does for your car:


alternatorWhile your battery does supply your car with power, it can only do so for a short distance before it dies. Luckily, your alternator creates a charge from the kinetic energy supplied by your engine. It then recharges the battery as well as powers all of your car’s electronic equipment.


How it works:

The 3 fundamental parts of your alternator include the rotor, stator, and diode. The rotor, which consists of magnets, rotates at extremely high speeds. The stator, a mass of copper wires, surrounds the rotor. Together these parts create alternating current, a form of electricity. Your battery and electronics require a direct current, however, and the diode converts A/C to D/C to power them.

Now you know the basics of one more part in your vehicle. Keep at it, and you’ll have overall knowledge in no time. If you’ve got auto repair needs in Mission Viejo, Japanese Car Specialties can help. To find out more, come by our shop or give us a call at (949) 583-1811.