What Does A Poly V Belt Do?

serpentine-beltFor many people, when the subject of car parts comes up, their brain just shuts off; we’ve got mechanics to know that stuff for us. They seems so complicated that most people don’t see the point in trying to learn about them at all. In fact, in small doses, learning about how your vehicle functions can be entirely possible, even interesting. Why not begin now? We’ve created an overview of one of your car’s lesser known parts; the poly v belt.

Your car’s poly v belt (also referred to as serpentine belt, multi rib belt, and multi vee belt) consists of one continuous belt that powers many tangential engine parts, including the alternator, water pump, air conditioning compressor, and more.

This belt has been an upgrade from older multi belt systems because one belt can handle more tension, something necessary for their function.

The only downside seems to be that when the belt gets displaced, all of these important parts cease to function. Still, that doesn’t require much work to fix.


Does that help you understand your car a little better? If not, don’t worry, just keep retaining little bits of information piece by piece, and eventually it will all just click together. If you need repairs on your vehicle, Japanese Car Specialties can help. For more information, come visit us or give us a call at (949) 583-0811.