Irvine, CA Auto Repair Shop

On the hunt for auto repair in Irvine, CA? We can help. When it comes to Korean, Japanese and other import autos, we’re your best choice for maintenance and repairs. We’re an independently owned and operated local business offering far better rates than car dealerships on our auto repairs. Even our services are better than the ones offered at the dealerships! Not to mention, we provide coupons for our services! Give us a call today at (949) 583-0811 and put us to work for you today!

Exceptional Services

Our auto shop offers a full spectrum of services to meet different needs, all at affordable prices. Whether you need an auto repair in Irvine, CA for a specific part or aren’t quite sure what part is causing a problem, we can help identify the issue and respond appropriately.

On the subject of identifying potential car problems, it can be difficult to determine the cause of such issues. For example, the check engine light is a sign that one of several things could be amiss in your vehicle. Anything from a dead oxygen sensor to a broken distributor cap could be the problem. Our expert mechanics can diagnose and fix any issue you’ve got for enduring results — we even rebuild engines!

Here at Japanese Car Specialties, we are proud to bring Irvine auto maintenance services! We offer factory recommended maintenance, tire rotations and much more. This not only keeps your car in good condition, saving you money on repairs in the process, but it can also save your life. Preventative maintenance keeps you, your passengers and other drivers safer on the road.

The state of California requires that most vehicles undergo emissions checks every couple of years. We can examine and, if needed, fix the components that control your car’s fuel efficiency to help your car pass this test. These components include your oxygen sensors, EGR valvesfuel injection system and exhaust system. We will help you save cash on fuel by monitoring your car’s emissions.

Beating the Dealerships

Dealerships simply can’t compete with us when you compare them with our concentrated services and incredible value we offer. For over a quarter of a century, we’ve brought auto repair in Irvine, CA. Don’t put your Japanese, Korean or import car in just any shop’s hands. Instead, let us do the maintenance and repairs your vehicle needs to help it last as long as possible. Want to put us to the test? Call us at (949) 583-0811. We will identify any problems and repair them for a longer vehicle lifespan!