Exhaust Leaks

The exhaust system in a car is responsible for taking the toxic gases your engine produces away from your vehicle. As an added bonus, this system keeps the car quiet. When there is a leak in the system, it can effect your fuel efficiency, emissions and catalytic converter damage. If you suspect you may have a leak in your exhaust system, give our pros a call at (949) 583-0811. We fix exhaust leaks in Mission Viejo, CA on imported cars!

Exhaust Leak Symptoms

Mission Viejo, CA exhaust leaksJust like faulty oxygen sensors or fuel injectors, an exhaust leak can make you fail an emissions test. Unlike the other two, however, an exhaust leak has more pronounced symptoms. You may notice that your engine makes a loud rumbling noise as you drive. Your gas pedal may vibrate. Decreased fuel efficiency is another. If you think you’ve burned through more gas than usual, this could be a sign of an exhaust leak. Your exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas. This makes driving with an exhaust leak dangerous to you, not just your car. Be sure to contact a professional at the first sign of trouble for the sake of your health if you notice signs of an exhaust leak!

Ultimately, fixing an exhaust leak early will save you money on gas and extra repairs. Our expert auto mechanics fix exhaust leaks in Mission Viejo, CA on imported cars. We are the pros to handle any auto repairs on Hyundai, Infiniti, Mitsubishi and many more cars! Call us at (949) 583-0811 for an exhaust system check today!