Driveshaft Repairs and Replacements

A car’s driveshaft helps drive its force forward with the help of differential and pinion seals. If the driveshaft malfunctions, your car will be much harder to drive and potentially dangerous on the road. If you need driveshaft repairs in Mission Viejo, CA, call our experts at (949) 583-0811 today!

Symptoms of Driveshaft IssuesMission Viejo, CA driveshaft repairs


If you notice vibrations from the floorboards of your vehicle, chances are the driveshaft is to blame. Often this shaking will intensify at higher speeds. This is a signal that your driveshaft is wearing out. Soon, it could damage other parts of your vehicle.

Difficult Turns

When your car’s driveshaft stops working correctly, driving — particularly turning — will become far more difficult. This is because the driveshaft is responsible for making your wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel. However, if the driveshaft isn’t working properly, it won’t necessarily turn your wheels when it’s supposed to.


Finally, if you notice a rattling or squeaking sound that intensifies as you drive, this is probably a driveshaft problem. As with the vibrations, this is a signal to you that your malfunctioning driveshaft could soon hurt other parts of your vehicle. Thus, it’s important to have a professional mechanic look over your vehicle if you think the driveshaft could be causing problems.

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