Starter Repair and Replacement

Mission Viejo, CA starter repair

If you find it hard to start your car or it won’t start at all, there are a few likely problems. These include the battery and the electrical system. Another is the starter. Your car’s starter takes energy from your battery to engage the engine and start your vehicle. For all your Mission Viejo, CA starter repair and replacement needs, don’t hesitate to call (949) 583-0811 for all your Japanese or imported vehicle services!

Signs of Starter Problems

The following are a few indicators that your starter may be to blame if your car won’t start normally or at all. If you experience any of these issues, it’s best to have a qualified mechanic take a look at your vehicle as soon as possible.

  • Grinding — When you put the key in the ignition (or push your car start button), the vehicle does not start immediately. Instead, you hear a grinding noise. This symptom indicates wear in the starter, which calls for a repair or replacement.
  • Smoke — While this is a symptom of many different car problems, it’s also a sign that your starter is not working correctly. Usually, in this case, it means that the starter system has shorted or needs a rest.
  • Whining — If you hear a whining sound upon starting your vehicle but the engine does not start, this could call for a starter replacement. In this case, the starter is working but it’s not engaging with the engine to start the car.

If you fear the starter may be to blame for your car trouble, don’t hesitate to contact our experts! We know Japanese, Korean and imported vehicles at Japanese Car Specialties. Call us today at (949) 583-0811 for Mission Viejo, CA starter repair!