Tune-Up Services

If you’re concerned your car isn’t running as well as it could be, it may be time for a tune-up. This could be due to your car running roughly, service lights on your dashboard or other concerns. With over 25 years in business, we know cars at Japanese Car Specialties. Our auto repair shop is simply the best choice for Mission Viejo, CA tune-up services on Japanese and other imported vehicles. Call us today at (949) 583-0811 for all your auto maintenance needs!

What Is A Tune-Up?tune-up

A tune-up is a periodic car check a mechanic performs to make sure the vehicle is working properly. Often, you can coordinate this service with your oil changes, since you’ll already be at the auto shop. This service generally includes a tire rotation, air filter cleaning, and checks on your battery, engine throttle, and engine fluids. The included services depend on the amount of time since your vehicle’s last service, the mileage of your car and other factors. You can tell your mechanic if you’ve noticed anything wrong with your vehicle so they can adjust the service to your needs.

Superior Auto Maintenance Services

It’s a good idea to get this service periodically as a form of preventive maintenance. An adept mechanic often spots small problems and fixes them before they become worse. Bottom line: Tune-ups help your car last longer and they help keep you safer on the road. If you need a Mission Viejo, CA tune-up service for your Japanese or imported vehicle, call our expert mechanics at (949) 583-0811 for your service!