Axle Repair

A vehicle’s axles connect the wheels so they can move in tandem. However, unlike simpler mechanisms like wagons, the axles on a car need a bit of help to control the torque (spinning force) of the tires. That’s where the differential comes in, which connects to the axle. For this reason, many axle repairs relate to the pinion seals, driveshafts and CV joints which connect to the differential. If you need axle repair in Mission Viejo, CA, we are the auto shop for you! Our mechanics specialize in Japanese, Korean and imported vehicles. That means we have lots of experience with brands like Toyota, Kia and more! Call (949) 583-0811 for auto repair services from expert mechanics!Mission Viejo, CA axle repair

Common Axle Problems


If you hear a tapping or clicking while you drive, this is a sign the drive axle may need an inspection. Your CV joints could be failing you. A whining noise signals the pinion seals may be the culprit. The earlier you fix this, the cheaper your repair will be!

Unusual Movement

Since the differential and axle systems work to stabilize your car as you drive, particularly through curves and turns, if they fail, your car may move differently. You may notice it’s harder to take turns in your car. Your driveshaft may be malfunctioning, causing harder turns.


If you notice your car’s steering wheel shaking or vibrating, this is a sign of axle trouble or a CV joint that needs a repair. You’ll want to address this as soon as possible, since your vehicle will become much harder and more dangerous to drive when your drive axle stops working properly.

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