Timing Belt Replacement

Your car wouldn’t get very far on the road without a working timing belt. This small but vital auto part is responsible for opening and closing the valves on your engine at the right times. If you need a Mission Viejo, CA timing belt replacement, look no further than the auto experts at Japanese Car Specialties! We provide a full list of services for Japanese and other imported vehicles. Call (949) 583-0811 to schedule your vehicle service!

Mission Viejo, CA timing belt replacementWhy You Should Replace Your Timing Belt

Most mechanics recommend a timing belt replacement at least every 100,000 miles. You can also check your owner’s manual for mileage recommendations regarding your specific vehicle. Replacing the belt in a timely manner will ensure that it won’t break while you’re driving. In the event that this happens, the repairs will be much more lengthy and expensive. The pistons could strike the valves inside your engine, causing costly internal damage. Overall, the timing belt is an important auto part that is worth the money to replace once in awhile!

We serve Japanese, Korean and other imported vehicles by replacing timing belts early. Think it’s time for a Mission Viejo, CA timing belt replacement? Call us at (949) 583-0811 to schedule a service!