Fuel Filter Replacements

Even if you use the purest gasoline (which also tends to be more expensive), your fuel is still vulnerable to contamination from rust, dirt and more. Vehicles have a fuel filter in order to keep these potentially harmful contaminants out of the engine. If your fuel filter fails or becomes clogged, they can find their way into the engine. They can also clog the fuel injector, leading to even more repairs. Call our experienced mechanics at (949) 583-0811 for Mission Viejo, CA fuel filter replacements today!Mission Viejo, CA fuel filter replacements

Most auto repair professionals set 40,000 miles as a standard to replace your fuel filter. However, you should always read your owners’ manual for manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s important to address your fuel filter. If you don’t, contaminants can break down your fuel pump and even get to your engine. Engine contamination will result in expensive repairs. One way to know that it’s time to replace your fuel filter is if you notice a decrease in your vehicle’s efficiency. This is a sign of a clogged fuel injector. Ultimately, the filter helps save you money on gas and increases your car’s lifespan, so be sure to follow replacement recommendations for your fuel filter.

Our mechanics specialize in Japanese and imported cars! Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia and many more brands are in experienced hands at Japanese Car Specialties. If you need Mission Viejo, CA fuel filter replacements, call us at (949) 583-0811. We’ll get your vehicle back on the road fast!