Brake Fluid FlushMission Viejo, CA brake fluid flush

Your car’s brake system is responsible for keeping you and other drivers safe on the road. There are two types of brake systems in cars: drum systems and disc systems. They both work the same way: Transferring your foot’s force on the pedal to force on the brake system through brake fluid. From time to time, this fluid can pick up contaminants like rust and dirt. To counteract this contamination, we offer a Mission Viejo, CA brake fluid flush service. Call (949) 583-0811 to address the brake problems on your imported vehicle today!


When Do I Need A Brake Fluid Flush?

There are a few signs you may need a brake fluid flush. Water can find its way into the brake fluid, causing rust and even boiling if it gets too hot. You or a mechanic can check this fluid visually — optimally, it is clear. If you notice an orange color, you likely need a flush. Alternately, if you find yourself needing to replace brake fluid, this could indicate a leak in the line, which is as simple as replacing the hose housing this fluid.

We are proud to provide Mission Viejo, CA brake fluid flush services! Our specialists know their Japanese cars like Toyota and Nissan, as well as other imports like Kia. Call our pro mechanics at (949) 583-0811 and we’ll fix the brakes on your imported vehicle today!