Head Gasket Replacements

The head gasket is a seal that rests between Mission Viejo, CA head gasket replacementsthe cylinder block and the cylinder head in a vehicle’s engine. Its purpose is keeping the correct amount of pressure in the engine coolant system. Unfortunately, if this seal fails to do its job, this results in a blown head gasket. Because the gasket rests in the engine, this is a costly repair. However, we offer fair prices on all our imported auto repair services. Call our experts at (949) 583-0811 for Mission Viejo, CA head gasket replacements!

Signs of a Blown Head Gasket

It’s best to know the signs of head gasket problems to prevent further damage to your engine systems. One sign is a mix of engine oil in the coolant or vice versa— the result will be a brown milky substance. Another sign of this is your engine running roughly. Finally, an overheating engine can also be a sign, since the coolant and oil mingle together and don’t adequately cool the engine.

The main cause of a blown head gasket is engine overheating. Therefore it’s important to check your coolant levels periodically and make sure your car isn’t suffering any leaks. We are your Japanese, Korean and imported auto experts. If you need a trustworthy mechanic, call (949) 583-0811 for our Mission Viejo, CA head gasket replacements!