Pinion Seal Replacement

Vehicles have a lot of small components that are very valuable in helping them run. One of these is a pinion seal. These rubber seals keep oil in the differentials of your vehicle (which lets your wheels run at different speeds). If this seal breaks down or begins to fail, it can cause damage to your differential and more costly repairs. Call (949) 583-0811 if you need a Mission Viejo, CA pinion seal replacement for your Japanese or imported vehicle.

Signs of Pinion Seal ProblemsMission Viejo, CA pinion seal replacement

If you have a pinion seal leak, you will typically find oil around one or more of your tires as a result. The fluid can even leak while you’re driving, making a mess on the underside of your vehicle. Another indicator that you need to replace your pinion seal is a whining noise while your car is in drive. This signals that the differential is not lubricated well, meaning you’ve got a leak on your hands.

Don’t wait to address the problem┬áif your pinion seal wears down. In the end, this will cost you much more if you end up having to replace the differential on your vehicle.┬áInstead, call (949) 583-0811 for a Mission Viejo, CA pinion seal replacement! Our pro mechanics are experts at Japanese, Korean and imported auto repairs.