CV Joint Repairs and ReplacementsMission Viejo, CA CV joint repairs

Constant velocity joints are a component of the driveshafts that connect the differential to the car’s transmission and control its velocity. A boot, or plastic cover, goes over the CV joint, since it has to stay lubricated. If this boot becomes cracked, the CV joint can lose its lubrication and begin to fail. That’s where we come in. Our mechanics offer Mission Viejo, CA CV joint repairs and replacements on imported cars, from Mitsubishi to Kia and more! Call us today for your boot replacement or CV joint repair at (949) 583-0811!

Symptoms of CV Joint Problems

One simple sign that your car’s CV joints are giving out is the noise they make. It sounds like a constant click or pop, which may get louder as you turn. Another symptom of CV joint problems is a side-to-side shaking as you drive. This means the joint isn’t effectively stabilizing your car. Altogether, it’s very important to address these problems, because a completely worn out CV joint will result in your axle breaking. If you’re driving while this happens, you can lose control of your car.

Our auto experts want to keep you safe on the road. That is why we offer Mission Viejo, CA CV joint repairs and replacements for Japanese and imported vehicles! Don’t wait to address this issue. Call us at (949) 583-0811 for your auto repair!